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Comfrey Fertiliser

A step by step guide to making home made comfrey fertiliser


GAP Photos/Robert Mabic

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Comfrey has 6-foot-long roots that harvest nutrients from deep in the soil. Comfrey leaves a fantastic natural source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Freshly cut comfrey leaves make good mulch because they are high in nitrogen, so they don't pull nitrogen from the soil whilst decomposing compared to high-carbon mulches like straw and leaves that do draw nitrogen from the soil. Comfrey has a high potassium content making it especially beneficial for flowers, vegetables, berries, and fruit trees. Fill a plastic or glass, not metal barrel or rubbish bin halfway with fresh comfrey, add water, cover it, and let it stew for 3 to 6 weeks. Comfrey tea smells foul however the smell can be reduced by adding chamomile. The pesticide can be used whilst watering, mixed with water 1 : 10. Comfrey pesticide can be stored in cold and dark place for 2-3 month.



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