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Daucus carota 'Dara' - wild carrot
Lathyrus odoratus 'Earl Grey'
Succulent plants in chllds' purple wellingtons
Sweet pea 'Earl Grey' flower arrangement
Picked runner beans on garden table with sweet peas and succulents
Sedums in vintage enamel saucepan
Artichoke growing with borage
Woodland strawberries in china cups on painted green chair
strawberries growing in vintage enamel bowl on painted green chair
Harvested garlic in wooden trug
Runner beans 'Sunset' in veg bed with painted green chair
Garden view with wooden greenhouse and vegetable bed
Weeding lawn by hand in garden with greenhouse
Garden view with wooden greenhouse and wooden picket fence
Buddleja davidii 'Dartmoor' in garden border
Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' in border with planted white seat
Border with flowering purple buddlejas
Border with flowering purple buddlejas and white hydrangeas
Young quince tree in island bed with blackbird on lawn and white flowers
Garden view with pink and purple buddleias and quince tree
View of garden with veg beds and borders
Planting Viola 'Delft Blue' in enamel bowls on potting bench
Painted blue chair with pumpkins
Autumn containers with grasses, succulents and evergreens
Rubus cockburnianus
Buddleja davidii 'Pink Perfection'
Vegetable beds with green corduroy jacket scarecrow, herbs and amaranthus
Pots with heucheras, grasses and tulips on shingled patio
Garden view with vegetable beds and ivy covered shed
Garden view with vegetable beds painted bench and ivy covered shed
Marigolds and gourd on painted blue wooden chair
Picked chard in enamel bowl with marigolds
Ivy and succulents in enamel containers
Coleus plants in terracotta pots on wooden steps
Ball of garden twine on hanger in tree
Pulmonaria 'Moonshine', growing with evergreen fern Dryopteris erythrosora in border
Pots and containers with pink valerian on shingle patio
Vegetable garden with wooden obelisks and box hedging
Vegetable beds with variegated thyme, Lovage, asparagus and artichokes, sweet peas
Picked broad beans and purple artichokes in tupperware box
Scarecrow in vegetable bed in spring planted with globe artichokes and elephant garlic
Scarecrow in vegetable bed in spring planted with globe artichokes and elephant garlic
Cornish daffodils in enamel jug on garden table
Cornish daffodils in enamel jug on garden table
Patio containers in summer - Petunia surfinia 'Green Edge Pink', Carex 'Everillo' pink valerian, grasses
Scarecrow in vegetable bed, early spring
Malus 'Golden Hornet' - Crab apple tree with painted wooden seat
Painting pebbles as seed markers
Small wooden chair in raspberry bed with annuals
Tropaeolum 'Jewel Cherry Rose' Nasturtium  on wooden steps with painted watering can
Plants in various containers on wooden steps
Curcurbita Maxima 'Crown Prince' - Pumpkins on painted chair in vegetable plot
Echeveria in clay pot with plastic lizard decoration
Succulent in old decorated clay pot
Echeveria planted in enamel cup
Vintage enamel containers planted up with succulents
Freshly picked salad leaves grown in a wooden crate, in vintage enamel bowl
Growing salad leaves young leaves in wooden crate
Houseleek planted in old china mug
Vintage cups planted with with alpines on painted wooden seat
Vintage cups planted with with alpines on painted wooden seat
Alpines in cups on vintage childrens chair
Alpines in cups on painted steps
Christmas decorations from your garden - making wreath from picked branches of evergreens and flower heads
Christmas decorations from your garden - picked branches of evergreens and flower heads ingalvanised watering cans
Painting maple leaves with gold pen
Collected seedheads of marigolds on vintage platter in garden
Picking cornflower seedheads from garden
Picked seed heads of dill in vintage enamel dish - saving seeds
Drying seedheads from garden on greenhouse bench
Drying seed heads on greenhouse bench - saving seeds from your garden
Drying linaria seed heads on greenhouse bench - saving seeds from your garden
Drying seedheads from garden on greenhouse bench - saving seeds from your garden, cosmos and nigella damascena
Drying seedheads from garden on greenhouse bench - saving seeds from your garden
Drying seed heads on greenhouse bench - saving seeds from your garden
Drying seed heads on greenhouse bench - saving seeds from your garden
Dried flowers and seedheads for arranging - honesty and hazlenuts
Homemade insect boxes made using dried flower heads and stems
Homemade insect boxes made using dried flower heads and stems
Insect boxes using dried flower heads and stems - collecting flowerheads
Cut garden flower arrangement - hydrangea flowerheads and stems of abelia in vintage cut glass vase
Cut garden flower arrangement - hydrangea flowerheads and stems of abelia in vintage cut glass vase
Cut garden flower arrangement - pink cosmos and fennel flowers on antique garden seat
Cutting garden flowers - sweetpeas and alchemilla mollis in vintage enamel tin.
Cut garden flower arrangement - pink cosmos and fennel flowers in painted clay pots
Cut garden flower arrangement - Japanese anenomes and leaves of Weigela florida 'Variegata' in vintage cut glass vase
Cutting stems of Weigela florida 'Variegata' leaves for flower arrangement
Cut garden flower arrangement - sunflowers pink valerian and Japanese anenomes in vintage wooden steps
Cut garden flower arrangement - yellow marigolds, crimson flax, fennel and toadflax in yellow flower pot
Cut garden flower arrangement - yellow marigolds, crimson flax, pink cornflowers and toadflax in vintage cut glass jug
Heads of Hydrangea macrophylla in pink watering can in autumn
Plants including herbs, sempervivum and Alchemilla mollis in vintage enamel containers on wooden steps.
Pink and purple flowering plants in pots on patio. Plants include echinacea, zinnia, valerian, basil and agastache
Mixed containers on painted wooden steps in autumn. Plants include Carex 'Comans Bronze', Sempervivum, Echinacea purpurea and Alchemilla mollis
Painted pink chair with Sedum 'Angelina'
Pink and purple flowering plants including  zinnias and agastache in pots on patio
Cottage garden border in summer with tree lily, agastache and clary sage
lathyrus - Sweet Pea 'King Size Navy Blue' with greenhouse in background
Vintage enamel teapot as a container with alpine Silene acaulis 'Mount Snowdon'
Vintage enamel teapot as a container with alpine Silene acaulis 'Mount Snowdon'
Picked raspberries on plate in garden
Picked round courgettes 'Tondo di Toscana' in vintage enamel bowl
Vegetable bed with marigolds, vintage tools and watering can
Vegetable beds in early summer
Insect house on wooden fence
Deadheading yellow marigolds with childs seat and tools
Vegetable bed with pumpkin, sweetcorn and calendula with vintage deck chair
Vegetable bed with childs watering can and seat, Calendula 'Porcupine' and Cosmos 'Double Click Cranberries'
Mini wildflower meadow with Papaver, Calendula, Borago and Centaurea
Mini wildflower meadow with Papaver, Calendula, Borago and Centaurea
Basil seedlings growing in vintage blue china cup
Summer border with blackbird on bird table
Potting bench at the bottom of a suburban garden
Suburban garden in summer with greenhouse and vegetable beds
Greenhouse in garden setting
Patio with container display in summer
Painted garden chair and table with Linaria and Angelica
Papaver somniferum paeoniflorum - Peony poppy
Collecting seeds of papaver comutatum ladybird poppy
Collecting seeds of papaver somniferum opium poppy in paper bag
Collecting seeds of papaver somniferum opium poppy
Collecting seeds of milium effusum aureum bowles golden grass
Cutting head of purple globe artichoke
Staking perennials  - Geranium pratense 'Silver queen'
Staking perennials - Geranium magnificum
Cut stems of Geranium pratense 'Silver queen' in vase with garden border
Cutting back Geranium pratense 'Silver queen' in garden border
Arrangement of cut flowers from garden in small glass bottles including Aquilegia, Geranium pyrenaicum 'Bill wallis',  Bluebells and Bowles' golden grass
Arrangement of Geranium phaeum 'Rose Madder' flowers from garden in small glass bottle
Arrangement of cut flowers from garden in small glass bottles including Myosotis - Forget me nots, Clematis, Aquilegias and Rosa banksii
Arrangement of cut flowers from garden in greenhouse including Myosotis - Forget me nots and Rosa banksii
Arranged cut flowers from garden in greenhouse
Display of galvanised containers on wooden decking
Cerinthe major 'purpurascens' in garden border with green watering can
echeveria succulent in enamel container on wooden garden seat
Wrapping up used Hyacinth bulbs for storage
Red fire buckets planted with Mint, Chard, Valerian and  Nemisia in container display
Decorative bird cane topper
Pink Hyacinths in vintage enamel bowls
Sedum acre in painted wooden box
Picked Hellebore flowerheads in china bowl
Harvesting sprouted seeds in greenhouse
Purple crocus in tea tin on steps
Garden compost in purple wheelbarrow for garden borders
Sunflowers and nasturtiums growing in purple wheelbarrow
Squash potimarron on vintage wooden steps with autumn leaves and rake
Wooden steps with squash hubbard and nasturtium
Squash potimarron and nasturtiums on vintage wooden steps
violas in old cardboard container
Squash 'Potimarron' and nasturtiums climbing on vintage wooden steps
Containers on patio with sunflower Italian white
Picked tomatoes on wooden steps with yellow nasturtiums
Nasturtium alaska trailing over raised wooden bed
Garden view with sweet peas and purple wheelbarrow in distance
Garden view with vegetable bed and purple wheelbarrow planted with nasturtiums
Vintage cups planted with campanula 'dickson's gold' and sedums
Planting up violas in potting shed
Sunflowers in jug on painted chair in garden
Greenhouse with pink cleome and sunflower
Vintage enamel bread bin planted with houseleeks
Arrangement of beach pebbles on mossy wall with alpine strawberry plants
Agapanthus in pot by conservatory, late summer
Insect hotel and terracotta pots on steps
Chickens on garden path
Old terracotta pots with erigeron karvinskianus
Garden with vegetable beds
Picked rhubarb stems on vintage enamel plate
Cutting nasturtium flowers and leaves for salad
Mini water feature - nasturtium flowers and leaves floating in terracotta saucer
Decking with containers in summer
Summer containers on patio
Butterhead lettuces growing in vintage enamel bowl
Freshly picked courgettes on vintage enamel plate
Picnic tables at Goodwood Sculpture Park
Young blackbird on birdtable in summer
Greenhouse with vegetable beds in summer
Vegetable beds with scarecrow
Buddleja with comma butterfly on patio
Seat under arbour with trellis and Clematis viticella 'Etoile Violette'
Summer pots on patio with lilies
Patio with pots and greenhouse
Peacock butterfly on Buddleja
Vintage dress scarecrow in vegetable beds
Papaver somniferum 'Danish Flag'
Rustic arbour with Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal'
Nasturtium 'Alaska' with vintage enamel cup
Growing lettuce salad bowl in enamel container
Herb box with blue china decorative mulch
Leylandii conifer tree clipped and topiaried into screen for garden shed - tilford cottage, surrey
Pear pergola in early summer - West Dean
Succulents in vintage enamel dish on childs painted chair
Pink garden border summer with watering can
papaver orientale 'Harlem' - Oriental poppy
Border of low growing perennials with Parahebe catarractae, Campanula carpatica and pineapple mint
Patio with bird table and containers
Syringa vulgaris ‘Sensation' with white watering cans
Weeding in old leather gardening gloves
Muscari pot in conservatory with seashells and driftwood
Lambs in the orchard
Chickens in the garden
Lilac watering can in bed of Crocus
Easter eggs in garden with pots of pink hyacinth and polyanthus
Polyanthus in vintage enamel tray
Daffodils in vintage enamel jug with snowdrops
Pots of early spring flowers on wooden seat.
Galanthus nivalis in vintage enamel pot
Double snowdrop - Galanthus nivalis flore pleno with vintage trowel
Early spring flowers - polyanthus in basket on bed of crocus
Pots of Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' and Iris in wooden trug
Spring flowers and Polyanthus on wooden seat
Polyanthus in late winter
Salad leaves and herbs in containers on patio
Autumn arrangement of cut flowers - Japanese Anenome, Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' and feverfew
Domestic chicken in garden
Late summer border with Agastache 'Blue Fortune' and Sedum matrona - RHS Wisley
Painted steps with plants in pots
Patio containers
Plant labelling equipment in greenhouse
Rustic plant support with Hebe, Stipa tennuissima and Teucrium hircanicum 'Purple Tails'
Taking cuttings in water of Phygelius, Fuschia, Mentha, Thymus and Pelargonium
Sempervivum - Houseleeks in old red brick with moss
Herbs and succulents in containers on patio
Houseleek and succulents in vintage enamel soap dish
Recycled paper cups used as starter pots for seedlings
Herbs and flowers in containers
Cat in garden
Alcea rosea 'Halo White'
Feeding birds in the garden
Vegetable beds with potatoes, sorrel and purple childs cardigan scarecrow
Vintage tupperware containers used in greenhouse
Clematis viticella 'Etoile Violette' with green garden shed
Osteospermum 'Flower Power Double Berry White' in galvanised bucket with cream escholtzia
Garden view with vegetable beds and scarecrow
Garden view with vegetable beds, purple shed, topiary box and scarecrow
Picked strawberries and alpine strawberries on vintage china plate
Deadheading Lychnis coronaria
Cutting bunch of sweet peas
Picking herbs
Weeding using a trowel
Picking raspberries
Garden scarecrow surrounded by purple Papaver somniferum - Opium Poppies and Onions
Washing garden gloves
Osteospermum and Diascia in containers with rusty watering can
Osteospermum with Diascia and trowel
Cucullia verbsci - Mullien Moth caterpillar on Buddliea leaves
Flower arrangement with Erysimum - perennial Wallflower and Linaria - Toadflax
Picked peas in vintage enamel container
Cutting young salad leaves
Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' - Golden Hop
Box topiary next to shed
Cutting Box topiary with shears
Bird box with Clematis montana 'Marjorie'
Seashell cane topper
Pisum sativum 'Feltham First' - Peas
Paeonia x delavayi - Tree Paeony
Tulipa 'Rococo' in terracotta pot
Variegated hosta in old enamel tin
Galvanised watering cans in garden in rain
Childs painted vintage pink chair with Rhododendron yakushimanum
Narcissus 'Jetfire' and Primula veris in vintage enamel container
Cutting garden spring flowers - pink hyacinths and purple tulips in cream watering can
Cutting spring flowers - blue and pink hyacinths and grape hyacinths
Cutting spring flowers - narcissi, blue hyacinths and forsythia
Cutting spring flowers - narcissi, blue hyacinths and forsythia
Cutting garden spring flowers - blue hyacinths and purple tulips in galvanised trug
Blue hyacinths in enamel watering can
Cut spring flowers - narcissi hyacinths tulips and forsythia
Cut spring flowers - Narcissi, hyacinths and forsythia
Dividing perennials - Lychnis coronaria. Step 3. Planting out
Row of galvanised watering cans in garden
Blue hyacinths in enamel jug
Dividing perennials - Lychnis coronaria. Step 1. Lifting plant
Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Pleno' in glass bottle
Miniature daffodils floating in cup
Polyanthus and Hedera - Ivy planted in childrens red wellies
Pruning Buddliea bush
Carrying pot of Pea 'Feltham First' seedlings
Pea 'Feltham first' seedlings in pots in greenhouse
Raking moss on lawn
Strawberries in pot with cloche frame
organising seeds in greenhouse
Storing plant labels
Wooden steps with old clay pots
Old enamel container with Sedum 'Angelina'
Eschscholzia californica - Califorian Poppy with old trowel  and Daisies
Garden steps with blue pots
Cabbages and lettuce in veg garden
Carmine pink climbing Rosa with wooden seat
Sempervivum - Houseleeks and Sedum in old saucepan
Purple Viola cornuta in tea cup
Pumpkin 'Mars' on steps with Sempervivum - Houseleeks
Pumpkin on steps with violas in pots
picking artichoke heads
Planting out young calvero nero plants -  tuscan black cabbage
Old garden tools against painted shed door
Collected seedheads of Nicandra physalodes - Shoo-fly plant and Atriplex hortensis var. rubra -Red Orache in old galvanised metal trug
Collected seedheads of  Nicandra physalodes - Shoo-fly plant and Atriplex hortensis var. rubra -Red Orache in old galvanised metal trug
Tomatoes ripening in greenhouse
Old watering can in purple flower border of Linaria, Lavandula
Making ice cubes with Borage flowers
Picking Borage flowers
Harvesting Tomatoes
Terracotta pot with Hydrangea, blue Phlox, Agapanthus and  Linaria - Purple Toadflax
Mentha - Mint in enamel jug
Courgette 'Defender' in dish on wooden table
Patio pots with pink watering cans and pink tree Lily in pot
Autumn vegetable beds with Pumpkins, Borage and Sweetcorn
Cucurbita - Pumpkin 'Mars' ripening in vegetable bed
Flower mobile hanging in vegetable bed with Runner Beans
Vegetable beds with Pumpkin 'Mars', Borage, Artichokes  and Sweetpeas with wooden greenhouse behind
Sedum spectabile  with rustic plant support and pink watering can
Nicandra physaloides - Shoo fly plant with painted blue chair and watering can
Sedum pluricaule in antique seaside bucket
Vegetable garden with raised beds
Nasturtium 'Double delight cream' with yellow watering can
Viola 'Sorbet Lavender Ice' in pot on steps with birdhouse
Picked sweetcorn 'lapwing' on plate
Baby Carrots 'Flyaway' on enamel plate
Pink cosmos with childs chair and watering cans
Checking sweetcorn for ripeness
Picked Runner Bean 'White Lady'
Carrying trug with prunings
Purple watering can with Verbena bonariensis and Sedum spectabile
Runner bean 'White Lady' on china plate
Wooden seat with Hypericum perforatum and Verbena bonariensis
Runner bean 'White Lady' on old enamel plate
Lathyrus 'Chatsworth'. Sweet peas in blue china pig vase
Old deck chair on lawn. Allium sphaerocephalon in border
Pink rose flower stems on table with secateurs and ladies gauntlet gloves
Scarecrow in veg bed with sweetcorn and runner beans
Michaelmas daisies in enamel jug on blue chair
Potatoes 'Rocket' in wooden trug
Containers with Tropaeolum - Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Cream' and watering can
White seat with purple bird house and stool
Lilium orientale - Lily with watering can
Bouquet of red Roses and Gerbera on old wooden table outdoors
White step ladder with purple and orange pots of Purple Sage and Tagetes - Marigolds
Digging up Solanum tuberosum - Potato 'Rocket'
Digging up Solanum tuberosum - Potato 'Rocket'
Scarecrow made with chlids pink cardigan in flower bed with Achillea and Cosmos
Picking Cucurbita - Squash 'Potimarron'
Patio with trough of Tropaeolum - Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Cream', Rosemary, Mint, Achillea millefolium - Yarrow, and pink watering cans
Picking Rosa 'Mary Rose'
Veg bed with Lathyrus - Sweet Peas and Cucurbita - Courgette plants
Hanging bird table with yellow climbing Rosa
Viola cornuta self seeding in paving
Lilium 'Nymph' growning against wall with metal watering can
Child's wheelbarrow with overgrown Courgettes
Terracotta pots on old wooden steps with alpine Strawberries and Erigeron karvinskianus in seaside garden
Garden steps with blue pot and buckets. Leucanthemum vulgare - Ox eye Daisies, alpine Strawberries and Geranium 'Anne Folkard'
Old terracotta pots on slate shelf with purple bucket, pebbles and sea shells. Geranium 'Anne Folkard'
Terracotta pots on old wooden steps with Leucanthemum vulgare  - Ox eye Daisies
Old terracotta pots and sea shells on driftwood shelf
Terracotta pots on old wooden steps with alpine Strawberries, Geranium 'Anne Folkard' and Erigeron karvinskianus
Echevera in pot
Aeonium - Giant houseleek in clay pot by pond
Cottage door with buddleja and teasel
Houseleeks in pot with plastic lizard decoration
Golden Marjoram in pot with watering can and clay pots
Old garden shears with clay pots and wild alpine strawberry plants
Aluminium watering can with flower border and Malva moschata 'alba'
Old clay pots with Erigeron karvinskianus
Alpine strawberries in tin container
Old cloche and trowel
Succulents in unusual containers
Young mixed salad leaves in seed tray
Plums in pottery mug with check cloth
Cream wooden trug with sweet pea 'Chatsworth'
Picking sweet pea 'Chatsworth'
Picked herbs and lavender in old white china cup
Picked flowers in antique glass bottles. Corydalis lutea, Viola 'Irish Molly' and yellow Agyranthemum
Picked courgette 'Defender' on plate
Picked Early Laxton plums on plate
Veg bed with garlic and potatoes, runner beans and artichokes
Veg beds with tomatoes, sweetcorn, pumpkins, runner beans, asparagus
Vegetable beds with garlic, potatoes, artichokes, pumpkins and runner beans
Lathyrus - Sweet Pea 'Chatsworth'
Group of containers, including butler sink planted with  herbs and watering can
Purple Viola - Pansies with watering can and Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' - Lavender
Potting up Pelargonium - Geranium cuttings with child's red trowel
Potting up red Pelargonium  - Geranium with clay pots and red trowel
Picking Lathyrus - Seet Pea 'Chatsworth'
Picked Lavandula - Lavender with jug and chair
Antique Mr Cuthbert's Growing Roses guide with rose and sunhat
Bowl of cherries on table with sunhat
Taking cuttings of lavender
Cutting stems of Rosa 'Marguerite Anne'
Garden with veg beds
Iris foetidus with yellow watering can
Deck chair with garden books
Patio set with Pink Rose and watering can
Deadheading roses
Garden view with veg beds and watering can
Deadheading Roses
Garden view with Veg Beds
Garden view with Spring with containers
Autumn leaves with rake
Child's garden seat in polyanthus bed
Garden view with containers
Planting out Sweet peas in vegetable bed
Watering can on wall
Tree Peony with watering can
Picking Spring flowers with pink watering can in garden
Friendly frog
Pink watering can with Hyacinths
Anemone nemorosa - Wood anenome with lilac pot and Veronica persica - Speedwell
Buddliea and Clematis
Sedum with pink watering can and hat
Magnolia on wall of cottage
Saxifraga sarmentosa - Strawberry Begonia in pot
Buttercup meadow with watering can
Bird seed feeder in apple tree
Myosotis in plastic seaside bucket
Enamel jug painted with lavender flowers
Spring flowers in glass jars. Primula polyanthus, Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' and Vinca.
Weeding small vegetable bed with Allium - Onions and Solanum - Potatoes
Herbs in tin ware
Blue watering can
Seed and plant label storage in old tin
Garlic growing in raised bed
Potting shed windowsill with blue pots and Primula Polyanthus
Bee box
Bird box with Clematis armandii
Notebook and labels in greenhouse with Polyanthus
Tools on potting bench
Planting out sweet peas
Children's tools by shed door
Blue box with tools in potting shed
Seeds and seed box on potting bench
Childrens tools in potting shed
Box of plants
Potting up Primula - Primroses in clay pots
Pink Polyanthus in pot
Wooden seed box
Cut daffodils in jug
Trug with Vinca difformis - Periwinkle and Narcissus - Daffodils
Clay pots and seeds in potting shed
Old tools and chair in potting shed
Clay pots in potting shed
Chitting potatoes in a recycled egg box
Carrots in trug placed in bed of Golden Marjoram
Daisies and pink child's cardigan on rustic seat
Vegetable patch with scarecrow
Bird table under blossoming apple tree
Windowbox with pink striped Petunias and Impatiens, herb garden behind
Windowbox with pink striped Petunias and Impatiens
Harvesting apples
Harvesting apples
Harvesting artichokes
Harvesting runner beans
Gourds on rustic chair
Marigolds in glass marmalade jar
Pink chair with Sedum and apple mint
Garden seat with pink Cistus and Hosta
Echinacea purpurea
Cosmos 'Sonata Pink'
Gourds, marigolds and wallflowers
Cosmos 'Sonata Pink' with trug and secateurs on seat after deadheading
Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm', Cosmos 'Sonata Pink', Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise' and Buddleia
Mixed border in late summer with lilium, Aster frikartii 'Monch', Achellia taygetea and Buddleia
Tomatoes growing in a galvanised bucket
Garden chairs under covered patio with pergola
Topiary box in a container on decking with Acer
Gladiolus communis subsp byzantinus
Blue chair in garden
Alpine Saxifrage in a blue cup and saucer
Annual plants in a bicycle basket
Mosses and ferns in a shallow tray
Meconopsis grandis
Sedum acre in pot
Pots of herbs on Windowsill with tarragon and corsican mint
Hellebore in galvanised container
Wheelbarrow and tools in a garden
Decorative hanging basket with moss and chandalier droplets
Hebe and Lathyrus latifolius
Watering cans and galvanised tubs left out to collect rain water
Clay pots on an old table in garden
Mixed bed with chives, Salvia and Beta
Alpine Strawberry in clay pot
Plants in clay pots with price labels
Pots on Wooden Steps
Garden trug with secateurs and autumn border
Runner Beans on slatted seat
Garden twine, blue scissors and forget-me-nots
Basil in french tin container on windowsill
Pumpkins on blue seat on poatio
Succulent in old saucepan
Pumpkins and squash on old wooden ladder
Plastic lizards on clay pot
Scarecrow Dress
Young sweetcorn plants in small veg plot
Painted blue chair in garden with Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin' and Roses
Painted blue bench with shell in early spring
Mixed delphiniums in border
Blue painted theatre with small plants
Malus seedling in pot on with other pots
Seedlings in veg box and seed trays
Rudbeckia in bicycle basket
Rhubarb forcing pots in overgrown vegetable garden
Bird box on painted chair under tree with Rosa 'Rambling Rector'
Painted aubergine Lloyd Loom chair under tree with Rosa 'Rambling Rector'
Muscari azureum in aluminium pot on blue chair
Brick planted with Sempervivums - Houseleeks
Suburban garden view with Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin' in jug on patio table
Compost heap with garden fork and pumpkin
Runner beans picked on wooden slatted chair
Ornate iron gate with Achillea behind
Chair on patio with pots and garden view
Vegetable garden with runner beans and courgette plants
Garden view with patio, table and chairs
Brassica Calvero Nero - Kale
Carex in red seaside bucket with mulch of marbles
Alpine strawberries in blue enamel container with forget-me-nots in the background
Bird box with Runner bean 'White Lady' - Phaseolus
Amaranthus caudatus with clay pot
Hovis tin with Rosemary and Viola on wooden step
Pink sweetpeas on pink chair
Trug with secateurs, Sedum and Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'
Metal watering can with pink Camellia
Pink and orange polyanthus in cake tin
Pots on steps in garden
Pots on patio with white table



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