Your garden photographed

Proud of your garden?

Modern Garden © GAP Photos/Elke Borkowski

Modern Garden © GAP Photos/Elke Borkowski

You’ve spent years crafting your plot into a garden to be proud of – making new borders, positioning shrubs, adding complementary hard landscaping and planting bulbs – and now, at least for the time being, you’re happy with your own little (or large) bit of land. If you love your garden, and want to share its stylish vistas with the rest of the world, why not have it photographed professionally?

We’re looking for the whole gamut of garden styles, from cleverly designed urban courtyard spaces to classic (or ultra-contemporary) country gardens, as our customers ask us for a great variety of different garden sizes and types. It doesn’t have to be perfect, rest assured that the specialist garden photographers we work with are well-practised in ensuring that your garden looks at its very best through clever choice of angles and control of light, despite any flaws that you might perceive! The best thing is, having your garden photographed in this way carries no charge to you at all, you simply have to welcome the photographer into your garden for the day.

But why would you choose to share your garden with the world? The most basic of reasons is that you’re proud of what you’ve achieved – and justifiably so, many gardens represent years of careful planning and hard work for their owners. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your hard work and creativity is appreciated by like-minded enthusiasts. Imagine being able to tell family and friends that pictures of your garden were included in a coffee table book, used for an advertising campaign, or published in a prestigious gardening publication. Keeping a copy is a great memento too!

Also, if you make your living in a related field – say, you own a nursery that specialises in a particular type of plant, you design garden buildings, or own a hard landscaping company – then it’s possible to gain positive PR through your own garden appearing in a relevant publication. You’re not likely to get the chance to supply a chunk of marketing copy, but you will get something even better: you’ll showcase your work to a very relevant market in the best way possible, through beautiful photography.

London Roof Terrace – Mein Schoener Garten 2013 (Photographer: Suzie Gibbons)
Mein Schoener Garten September 2013

Deborah Nagan’s Garden – Gardens Illustrated 2013 (Photographer: Robert Mabic)
Deborah Nagan's Garden

Mill House in winter – Gartnern Leicht Gemacht 2013 (Photographer: Howard Rice)
Mill House

If you think your garden is suitable please email 10x Low-res Jpeg images (illustrating all key areas/features of your garden) to [email protected] along with a brief description of you and your garden – ideally detailing your inspiration, obstacles that have been overcome etc… If you are trying to subtly promote a business, please include details of this with your email.