Miniature pots with microgreen on windsill - © GAP Photos

Miniature pots with microgreen on windsill – © GAP Photos

While growing vegetables and fruit from your garden is particularly rewarding, it isn’t always practical, especially if you don’t have an outdoor space of your own. However, if you have a sunny windowsill, why not try growing microgreens? Harvesting the baby leaves of many vegetable crops is an excellent way to add flavoursome garnishes to your dishes and get all the nutrients from the plants as well, and early spring is the perfect time to get started.

Most seeds will germinate efficiently in containers on warm windowsills – a handy place to harvest from too. Wait until the first true leaves start to appear and then just snip from the base of the stem for a beautiful and nutritious addition to a wide variety of meals. We recommend growing herbs such as sorrel and basil, and salad crops such as rocket and mustard. The fresh young leaves of pea shoots and beetroot also pack lots of flavour and texture.