Scamps Daffodils

On a windy hillside on the Cornish coast, Ron Scamp breeds and cultivates over 2500 daffodil cultivars, reputed to be the most comprehensive international collection of daffodils in the world.

They are meticulously planted out in alphabetical order and span the entire alphabet plus all 13 Narcissi divisions. The vast collection includes many old heritage varieties including; N.’Baths Flame’, N.’Max’ and N.’Tamar Fire’, which Ron has eked out and built up stock, together with over 300 new cultivars which Ron himself has bred and introduced over the years. Most recently N. ‘Trevine’,N.’Plymouth Hoe’,N.Lincolnshire Lady’, N.’Centenary Gold’ There are many more in the pipeline, in a ‘nursery field adjoining the main and glorious stock field. Ron also boasts an impressive collection of species Narcissi. Ron, together with his son Adrian, have won countless awards and trophies from many RHS Shows and exhibits, with over 20 Gold medals to their name besides Ron’s Williams Memorial Medal for Excellence in Horticulture and the Cory Cup in recognition of his successful breeding work. Bulbs are available by mail order, and Ron can be seen exhibiting up at RHS and other flower shows and down the country with his stunning narcissi collection.

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