In a flap

Do urban blackbirds strip your strawberries before you get the chance? Or do rural pheasants raid your sweetcorn crop while you’re out at work? Put paid to all this garden thievery by erecting a tail-turning deterrent among your most precious crops. This is an upcycler’s dream – there are hundreds of ideas for transforming disused items into bird scarers – just look at some of the projects we’ve got on show here. Of course, the classic scarecrow is a brilliant assignment for children, young and old, to get stuck into. Dad’s stain-splashed shirt combined with your brother’s leaky trainers and mum’s rather-too-tight jeans never looked so good. One of these placed among your cabbages instantly adds some Peter Rabbit-style character to your plot. Is the latest boy band old news again? Your daughter won’t mind you raiding her CD collection then, to string the likes of Harry or Danny among your raspberries. Or how about recycling an old pop bottle as a mini-windmill that will shimmer and rattle in the slightest breeze? Just cut repeated vertical lines into the sides, compress the top and bottom ends together with some string and hey presto, you’ll strike terror into pigeons from here to the garden gate – and hopefully beyond.